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The frog story(2182字)

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  The frog story     北京赛车微信群
    It was another hot summer in June. Frogs kept roaring and thundering in the shade. Suddenly, several men and women stood up and started searching around. Only within a few minutes, it gradually came to absolute tranquility - all the frogs had been murdered. And the murderers,with peace on face, are our parents, who were trying to sweep away any noice affecting their children in examination.   
  This story is a pre-alert, showing this exam pattern is straying out of control. And this warning shot makes all our ears’ tingling.  http://www.hmhos.cn/
  First of all, let’s calm down and look into the initial purposes of the exam. It’s to select those who shine academically and offer them an opportunity for further study. That’s it. No big deal. Now, suppose we are one of this year’s examinees. Ask ourselves one simple question: what would happen if we failed this so-called big deal?  
  Will our parents give up loving us any more? Definitely no. We know they really sacrificed a lot and we don’t want to let them down.But what are the initial motivation urging them to do so much? It’s nothing about money, fame but their love. So just keep moving on and fight for them. Our endless endeavor and optimism to life are what they really want to harvest after paying so much.  
  Will our friends or teachers hold us in contempt? Well, I am not sure about this. But I’m sure about one thing - what eventually influences the result is our attitude, but not others’。 Just as an old saying goes, it is not your aptitude, but your attitude, determines your altitude. Think about it and it’ll be easy to decide whether we should take it or leave it.  来自:北京赛车微信群
  Will we have to throw our future just because of such a failure? I bet all of you have heard of a famous saying from Bible - when God shuts a door, he opens a window. When we are stopped before the entrance of university, the fate plants another miracle for us. And there are a great number of successful people who can attest it, like Steve Jobs, who dropped off the university, and later demonstrated himself with another revival.  来自:北京赛车微信群
  Some of you might object me by saying he or she, without going to a good university, has never succeeded. But simply a gorgeous diploma can really contruct a promising tomorrow? I guess most of our answers are no. Opportunities would never come to those without any preparation. If someone is well prepared, even after ever failure, who can allege that he will never do well in the future?  
  College entrance exam is surely a coming-of-age ceremony with thistles and thorns. Challenging it bravely would certainly make us grow up and turn us into a mature man. 来自:北京赛车微信群
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